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wellis air disinfection purifier front view

Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier

Wellis Air Cartridge


Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier has the ability to decrease viral inactivity of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro exposure!

MRI GLOBAL Testing Laboratory (Kansas City USA)

Automatic Operation

WellisAir Purifier Machine eliminates 99.9% surface and airborne contaminants. Signals when clear.
(viruses, bacteria, mold, gases, odors)

Night Mode

Portable Air Sanitizer Machine for home & business that makes minimal noise. Low brightness for optimal sleep. Display dims to appropriate setting.

No UV Lamps or Filters

No more replacing far less efficient filters and UV lamps. WellisAir Surface & Air Disinfectant works with proven OH Radical technology.
(see more below)


Powerful purifying substance is generated naturally in the ozone. Harmlessly disappears along with other air pollutants. Entire room coverage at 3.6 watts per hour of energy
(average cost .25 cents/ month running 24/7)